Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Former student claims inappropriate contact with Dean Runkle

A former student of Dean Runkle's has come forward claiming he touched her leg while alone in his car. This is the same student who later got a call on her answering machine where a man told her she'd end up "like Amy Mihaljevic."

Here are her words, posted on Facebook:

Dear Dean Runkle, i hate you for taking me for ice cream in your car and putting your right hand on my left are so disgusting, Dean Runkle. I remember you smiling and opening your glovebox for something. You were not like everyone else that calmed me when going thru Steele doors early~ you are not going to be okay~ not anywhere you go. Do you understand what you did to my life? I dont care if you were Amy’s actual murderer or not- there are too many similarities- why did you touch my leg?

WHO CALLED MY HOUSE, LEFT A MESSAGE ON OUR VOICEMAIL (mini tape recording), and said “you'll end up dead like Amy Mihaljevic” I need to know because i cannot move on.   

I am Jennifer Marie Karney. I sat just a couple of rows back in your class at Nord Junior High.  


Anonymous said...

Very brave of her.

Anonymous said...

What a brave girl! Need any student that had any type of inappropriate encounter with Dean Runkle to come forward.

trucrym253 said...

So sorry this happened to you. No one deserves a creep bothering them like that.

Michelle said...

Very brave! How frightening for a young girl.

Anonymous said...

Very brave, I am sorry that this happened, keep fighting.