Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Three Dead Girls and Dean Runkle

I want to tell you about three girls who died young.

The first girl, Dianna Runkle, died at age six of polio. Her twin, Dean Runkle, survived. According to family members, his mother was quite abusive and would tell him she wished it had been him.

The second girl, Linda O'Keefe, was abducted from Corona Del Mar, California, in 1973. Her body was found among cattails near a Nature Center in Newport Beach. Her passion was the piano. From 1971 - 1973, Dean Runkle played ragtime piano at Disneyland.

Here is a genetic snapshot of Linda's suspected killer based on genetic markers found in DNA.

Runkle returned to Ohio in 1973 to teach in Vermilion and Amherst. He would later get caught sending love letters to a prepubescent boy. He was investigated twice for touching students at Amherst before he quit teaching one year before his full pension would kick in.
The third girl you know. Amy Mihaljevic was abducted from Bay Village, in 1989. A witness was shown a spread of 27-30 mugshots. She pointed directly to Dean Runkle. At least a dozen former students say Dean was very familiar with the Nature Center in Bay Village, where Amy and other girls who her killed called, visited.

Special thanks to NaptimeNancyDrew, who found Linda's story. Check her out on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

Linda and Amy looked like sisters. Or even twins.

The photo of Linda creeped me out because at first I thought it was Amy.

Amanda Veazey said...

In the set of 4 pictures, are both on the left Amy and both on the right Linda?

James Renner said...

Yes, both on the left are Amy. Linda is on the right.

trucrym253 said...


Anonymous said...

The Newport Beach public library appears to have a good local history collection. Perhaps a visit there could turn up evidence that places Runkle in Newport Beach at the time?

yelling_at_the_radio said... Door appears in background at 1:08 on Dean Runkle Classroom interview.