Friday, November 09, 2018

The Photo Album

Here are a few pictures I can share of the photo album found in the back of Dean Runkle's storage shed after it was sold at auction. (Click to embiggen)

First up, a photo from his classroom (taken after 1989) that seems to show a handmade narrow curtain separating a storage area in his classroom. (The curtain is red, in the doorway to the left, behind the hanging green Christmas thing. It has hoops up top.)

Next is a couple photographs taken of a ragtime piano musician (exact location and date, unknown - can anyone figure it out?) It could be Disneyland during the time Runkle played piano there from 1971 - 1973. Though he also played piano at Cedar Point, later.

Here is a photograph of Runkle in the car he was driving in 1989. There were several fibers from a  car found on Amy's body. They matched to a bronze/nutmeg colored car.

Finally, here is the very last photo that appears in Runkle's album.
I was contacted today by a person who appeared in this final photograph with Runkle. He says the entire photo album was compiled by his mother, who was a friend of Dean's, and given to him as a gift and that the captions were included by her as well.


Anonymous said...

I don’t believe that the first photo is a classroom at Amherst

Anonymous said...

There's mouse ears in that ragtime piano photo, so Disneyland seems the likely location.

Anonymous said...

The curtain looks like Christmas vine, evergreen, not a curtain.

Gabe said...

That car is a 79 Pontiac Grand Prix

Gabe said...

The piano player is Jim Omohundro who has played piano at Casey's Corner in Walt Disney World for over 30 years.

Anonymous said...

The first photo is definitely from Amherst. That is the exterior door Runkle's room had, those are narrow Nord windows, and that is the terrarium he kept near the outside door. In this photo it looks like a fish tank, but in the mid 90s it held a tree frog and was a terrarium.