Thursday, November 29, 2018

"A.M. Was Murdered Here."

A couple weeks ago, I was contacted by a person who moved into a rental property in Wayne County, Ohio. While cleaning inside a closet, they discovered that years ago someone had carved a message into the wall. It reads, "A.M. Was Murdered Here."

Of course they assumed this meant Amy Mihaljevic - Wayne County is not far from Ashland. So, it suddenly became of great interest to authorities, and everyone was trying to figure out who lived there in 1989.

The house, itself, sits at a rural crossroads in Orrville and is owned by Stoll Farms. I drove down there last week (puppy in the passenger seat) and spoke to farmers with Stoll and other farms in the area who have roots going back 100 years. I was given the name of a man who they believed lived there with his wife and son in 1989. I managed to track him down to a farm in Kentucky. I spoke to his wife, at length, and learned a few things.

First, this seems like a real, decent family and nobody appears to have a criminal history. They have no idea who would have carved something like that in the closet and don't remember seeing it. But they recall that they were not actually there in the fall of 1989. They believe a farmhand employee of Stoll Farms was living there. The woman could not remember the name.

Finally, I visited the Stolls themselves. A Bay Village police officer had visited them and they were reluctant to say much, other than it appears nobody can 100% recall who it was who lived there.

Mike Lewis at Confidential Investigations, a private eye in Cleveland, ran a background check of the address itself. Nearly 40 different people have leased the house in the last 40 years. Perhaps the name of the person who carved the message is on there, but none of the names are familiar to me.


Anonymous said...

James - I hadn't seen this before today:
As to the maps of the scene where Amy was found: Do you know if the two houses that are closest to where her body was found were there in 1989? The location of her body seems strange given the proximity to those homes, when just to the north or south on CR 1181 there are no homes, and likely no one would see a car pulled over. Just curious about it.

Anonymous said...

I do not know, but to me it feels, like a person who really did that, would rather say "was killed here", as opposed to "murdered". What is your hunch, you being the journalist?