Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Reaching out

To the person who sent the obituary with the handwritten note to my editor in New York, please contact me through email so we can connect by phone.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A New Focus

I created this blog in 2006. During the last ten years, I shared info about several uncharged suspects. I only ever named the suspect if they had prior history of violence toward women or children. These posts have generated hundreds of new leads for law enforcement. I still get tips to this day.

However, after the publication of my latest book, True Crime Addict, I've stepped away from actively pursuing cold cases, choosing to focus on fiction writing and making things safer for my family.

I've gone back through the old posts with fresh eyes. A lot of what I found was cringe-worthy. I was  an immature journalist when I set out to find Amy's killer, in 2005. I would have gone about it differently, today.

Anyway, I've taken down all posts (I think) that refer to uncharged suspects. The focus of this blog going forward should be to collect facts and articles and videos about the case, to make it a stepping-off point for anyone interested in the case. I don't suspect it will be updated unless the FBI or police come out with new info.

If you would like to explore the case further, you can review a collection of my interviews and notes at the Special Collections Archive at Kent State.

I have also written about the case in the books, Amy: My Search for Her Killer, The Serial Killer's Apprentice, and True Crime Addict.

Thank you for visiting this blog and contributing to this case over the years.

Stay safe.

James Renner