Thursday, February 11, 2016

My New Book, True Crime Addict, Will Contain Some New Info On Amy's Case

My next book, True Crime Addict, comes out May 24 and you can preorder it today!

True Crime Addict is mostly about my search for Maura Murray, a young nursing student who went missing in the White Mountains, in 2004. But it also contains some new information about the Amy Mihaljevic case, including details on a specific suspect in her abduction who came to my attention while I investigated this other mystery.

Look for it in your local bookstore or order online!


displaynamegoeshere said...

I recently started reading this blog, so I apologize in advance if this has already been suggested, but: has anyone ever considered volunteering at the Nature Center? There are currently volunteer opportunities available:

I am unsure, however, if any information that could help the case would be left in hiding there after all this time.

rushoflife said...

I read True Crime Addict in one day. Loved it! Now I am reading Serial Killer's Apprentice. Fascinationg and infuriating unsolved cases. Thank you for your work.

Ehbe33 said...
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Ehbe33 said...
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