Friday, October 30, 2015

CNN Profiles Amy's Case

CNN profiles Amy's case - and using social media to prompt new leads in cold cases.

"Everybody has that case, that moment in time when you realize you live in a dangerous world," said Renner, now a married father of two in the Cleveland area. "I realized if it could happen to her, it could happen to me."

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Eugenie said...

Just curious if there have been any similar cases in Key West?

Piet Hoffmann said...

The 'BIG CLUE' is cheif Whithafoat in the book CATCH-22. It was left by SANDY the architect and executor of Jane Mixer b. 23 FEB 1946. One day after George Washington's Birthday. Jane was found 21 MARCH 1969

Sandy MUST REDO his murders. They must all be woven with relation to GEOGRAPHY, dead presidents. An assassinated president named LINCOLN. Slaves. The twelve houses of the Zodiac. Christopher Columbus. All things US NAVY. Trains & RR. And the thousands of years of HELLISH slavery, genocide, starvation that the IRISH have endured at the hands of the CROWN. Scottish surnames. WILSON is a sept of Clan Gunn. Joseph RUGGLES WILSON had a son named Woodrow.



1. Lottie Morgan - Hurley
2. Geneva Oldelia Hillicker - Greenfield (Tunnel City)
3. Lionel & Joyce (née, Flint) Dahmer - West Allis
5. Barry Lawrence King - Marquette University/University of Michigan
4. Joan Elspeth Schell - New Paris (Sheboygan)
5. Mark Mihaljevic & Margaret (née, McNulty) - West Allis
6. Jane Louise Mixer (University of Michigan) - Waukesha
7. Mohican Indians - the diaspora of the aboriginals. Their forced exodus to Wisconsin and Oklahoma.

Flint is a name and then becomes a city in Michigan. Flint is a woman with roots in West Allis. Flint is a city that's home to Buick. Flint is Home to Hurley Medical Center. Buick is a name of a founder who was Scottish. Hillicker is Scottish. Hillicker (nurse) owned a 1957 Buick. Hillicker is a Kill-HER. Hillicker's brother-in-law sold Buick's from a dealership. Mark Mihaljevic handled warranties for Buick dealerships. Mark's wife McNulty tried to become a nurse. Margarette EBY a female Doctor (Phd) was killed in Flint one day after Gustav Adolf was killed in Battle. Zodiac's letter was published the same month and day as EBY. LESTER A. EBY killed Geneva Hillicker. Margarette EBY was killed at Mott's estate. Mott merged with Buick. Hillicker drove a '57 Buick.

NORMANS KILL (Norman-French)
NORMANDY RD (Bay Village/Royal Oak, MI)

So let's now factor Amy's death, it kind of analogous to an algebraic expression. The answer won't be pretty, and in the end there will be different solutions but they'll have to be prime numbers. Using those prime numbers will find the culprit. So let's start plotting the graph.

Nathan Hale High School
Located South of LINCOLN ave.
North of West Cleveland Ave.
Southwest of Greenfield Park
West Allis is Home to Allis Chalmers

McNulty is Irish and means son of Ulster. 628 Lindsford Dr is West of Buchanan and South of Norfolk RR tracks

DEAN RUNKLE = consecutive intergers
DOB: 27 JUN 1944
627 DOB: Dean Runkle, Ruggles Twp 1181
628 Lindford Dr Bay Village, OH
6.28.19 Treaty of Versailles - Woodrow Wilson
629 (unknown for now)
6.30.69 EMU student Joan Elspeth Schell goes missing.

Amy Renee Mihaljevic
Body discovered‎: ‎8 FEB 1990; Ruggles Township, Ashland County, Ohio‎

Manuela Eleanore Rohrbeck Witthuhn
DOB: 8 DEC 1952
DOD: 6 FEB 1986
35 Columbus - Irvine, CA
Murder/rape/in home - husband in hospital at time of incident.

Piet Hoffmann said...

DOB: 8 FEB 1931
DOD: 7 NOV 1986
Murdered at the gate house of Mott Estate named Applewood. Charles Stewart Mott was one of the founding members of GM. The
Mott Estate is located in Flint as well as Buick Motors.

Joyce FLINT DOB: 7 FEB 1936

Margaret McNulty DOB: 21 MAY 1947
Jeffery LIONEL Dahmer DOB: 21 MAY 1960

Lionel Dahmar married Joyce Annette FLINT
The couple moved in with Lionel's mother in West Allis, Wisconsin. 2357 W 57th St, West Allis. Joyce Flint DOB: 7 FEB 1936. Jeffery lived with his grandmother as an adult, up until 1990.

FLINT MICHIGAN is World Headquarters to:
Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company in 1899, an independent internal combustion engine and motor-car manufacturer, and was later incorporated as the Buick Motor Company on May 19, 1903, by SCOTTISH born David DUNBAR Buick in Detroit, Michigan.


James Buchanan is an ULSTER. Scot-Irish.
James Buchanan preceded LINCOLN.
LINCOLN died 15 April 1865.
Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth at John T. Ford's theater in Washington D.C.
Lincoln was transported by train to be entombed at Oakridge Cemetery, Springfield, IL.


CAVEAT: Oak Ridge Cemetery is located in Buchanan, Michigan. Amy's Killer was influenced by a man interred at Oak Ridge. He was born 1865. The year Lincoln died. This man killed and crushed her head with an ax. Lottie Morgan in Hurley, Wisconsin. 11 April, 1889. Lottie Morgan was the stage name of Laura Whittlesay. Morgan had been a variety theater actress but had left that profession in 1887 and for the last three years had been living with John L. Sullivan, the owner of Sullivan's Saloon. Sullivan was also the Town Supervisor and that title was changed to Town Chairman with the additional responsibility of Town Clerk. Before Lottie was killed a payroll train was robbed.
They payroll was a monthly payroll for the employees of the Ashland and Germania mines.
The $41,700 in bills and coins of gold and silver was loaded by wheelbarrows in Ashland, Wisconsin under the direction of Cashier Wiley of the Ashland National Bank onto a United States Express Company rail car and shipped to Hurley, Wisconsin. Its consignee was William P. Lyon, Manager of both the Ashland mine in Ironwood, michigan and the Germania Mine in Hurley, Wisconsin. Eight years before her murder she lived in Milwaukee, but briefly.

Piet Hoffmann said...

John Wilkes Booth (May 10, 1838 – April 26, 1865) was an American stage actor who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theatre, in Washington, D.C., on April 14, 1865. Booth was a member of the prominent 19th-century Booth theatrical familyfrom Maryland

John T. Ford (April 16, 1829 - March 14, 1894) was an American theater manager in the nineteenth century. He is most notable for operating Ford's Theatre at the time of the Abraham Lincoln assassination. during the H.M.S. Pinafore craze of the late 1870s, he was the only American manager who paid Gilbert and Sullivan a royaltyon the opera. He was president of the Union Railroad Company, member of the Board of Directors of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

John Wilkes Booth was an Shakespearean trained actor. He played the title roles in Hamlet and Richard III,one of his favorites. At the beginning of July 1863, Booth finished the acting season at Cleveland's Academy of Music.

Lottie Morgan AKA Laura Whittlesay was a variety show actress. She lived at the Dew Drop Inn. She was Killed in Hurley Wisconsin. The coroner estimated that Lottie had been dead for six hours when her body was found in the alley behind Crocker's SALOON at 6 am 11 APR 1890. She was shot and her head was split open. Her gun was never discharged.
The robbery occured on September 30, 1889 and suspects arrested in the robbery, Phelps Perrin (A.K.A. Phelps Hill) and Edward Baker were facing trial. It was believed that Perrin's father, prominent New London, Wisconsin.

Dean Runkle worked at the Red Garter Saloon. He was an accomplished ragtime piano player and played in the Red Garter Saloon at Cedar Point during the summers.
Dean Runkle In 1971, he quit teaching for two years to play ragtime at Disneyland. The The Teamsters represents local branches of the United Food and Commercial Workers, Teamsters, Transportation Communications International Union, Unite Here and International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. It was formed in 1971, just as Disney World was preparing to open and hiring its first workers.

David Johnson 20 MAR 1969. Was student at Eastern Michigan University. And a Theta Xi frat bros with John Norman Collins. Collins was convicted for murdering Karen Sue Bienman. His name is synonymous with serial homicide. During 1967 & 1969 in the season of spring and summer. Washtenaw County Michigan was chilled to the bone with sadistic murders of female co-eds, ages ranged from thirteen to twenty-three.

David Johnson posted a note (20 MAR '69) University of Michigan Law student Jane Mixer went to scour the bulletin board to share-a-ride. She found David Johnson's number, soon her last stop would be Muskegon. So she thought. Aries the RAM and the Spring Equinox are signs for rebirth. The Spring Equinox. Jane Mixer's sacrifice and bizarre subjective postmortem death pose would juxtapose death and renewal. Amy's disapperance/death holds subjective value. In respect to her disappearing before Samhain 31st of October the Celtic New Year. All Souls Day is Celebrated the first week in November. 30-31st of October is Christopher Columbus' birthday.

While pseudo-David Johnson was perfecting the anatomy of homicide with Jane's corpse. The benevolent student play-actor was busy with a rendition of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Piet Hoffmann said...

Later on I will expand on Clan Gunns abstract. June of 2013 the FEDS searched Buell and Adams for Hoffa. Gunn Road is just South. Josephine Hoffa was born 21 MARCH 1918 in Rossford, Wood County, OHIO. The couple married in Bowling Green. 26 SEPTEMBER 1937.

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