Thursday, June 04, 2015

Amy's Killer May Have Called Akron Girl in 1989

The key to solving Amy's case may be in finding out her relationship to the several other girls who received stalker called in 1989. Girls from North Olmsted also got a call from the man police believe to be Amy's killer in the fall of 89. Since then they have been trying to identify anyone who knew the girls from North Olmsted, and Amy from Bay Village. We may have to widen our search.

I was recently contacted by a woman from Akron, who was called by a man when she was a girl in 1989. "He told me that my mom had been doing really well at work and that he wanted me to help get her a nice gift. Maybe Neil Diamond tickets." The timing and the similarities to what the man said to Amy make me think this really could be the same guy.

At the time, the girl's mother worked as a realtor -- mostly in the Akron area, but sometimes parts of Cuyahoga County. The man on the phone also said he once watched this girl swimming at a pool in Tallmadge. They had recently visited the Cleveland Zoo.

Another interesting bit, which may be a weird coincidence or something more: this girl's mother worked with serial killer Robert Buell before his arrest in 1983. Buell visited her home at least once. I've always believed Buell did not act alone when he abducted and murdered Krista Harrison. The man I believed helped him is still free.

It's also worth noting that this woman contacted Bay Village police and FBI a few years ago to share her story but nobody called her back. Seems like a very good tip to me. I would go over this woman's life with a fine-toothed comb to see how she might have crossed paths with the girls from North Olmsted or Amy Mihaljevic.


chris said...

Was Amy or her brother involved in a travel soccer team? Both Bay Village and Westlake have rather large tournaments attracting teams from all over. I also think some of the Metropark areas at Huntington put up fields for the Bay tournament.

Carol said...

I'm curious, as to why you haven't delved into the situation where Amy's, classmate reported seeing Amy, on the pay phone, Behind the shopping center, (at the grocery store); while waiting for her relative to get off work and take her home. Putting phone calls aside for the moment, doesn't that seem, a more likely direction to go??? If, this has been considered, how did she get there??? Did she go around a building or through a business, to get to a phone???
My question now is, which phone did she call from, and in which direction did she go????
Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

If this woman was living in Akron when she was a child and saw her at a swimming pool, then how would he have been able to find her phone number? Somehow, this man had access to a wide collection of private information.
Doesn't it make sense that he was somehow connected to the medical field: doctor, nurse, dentist? If he could see her at a swimming pool and get her name, then he would have been able to go back to his office and order a copy of her records, no questions asked in those days, before HIPAA. He would have been able to get her emergency contact information, like where her parents worked, her sibling information, to determine how and when she might be alone, and her phone number, unlisted or not.
I noticed that a dentist had made it to the top four list of suspects. Maybe he should be moved a little higher on the list?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Renner, I previously posted asking who was in charge of this investigation. My post wasn't posted. I'm posting again to see if you will post this message which I'm going to copy and date. I've been waiting twenty years for an admission explanation and apology from several individuals including a prominent member of the community for my having been erroneously if not maliciously repeatedly associated with this crime, which association contributed to a suicide attempt about which I informed the Bay Village Police Department whom I also never heard from. The aforementioned individual said other suspects had committed suicide though I don't know whether to credit his statement.

James Renner said...

Wronged: I would be interested in hearing more about this. Email me:

Steve Finnell said...
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Unknown said...

I'm confused I just finished the book so who's Amy killer ??

James Renner said...

There are still a number of possible suspects, though I think one stands above the others.

Mark Stewart said...

This morning, I saw the article at about the work you've done on Amy's case. I was a sophomore in college at JCU when Amy went missing, I remember the nightly news reports, and she has stayed in my thoughts as well all these years. Thank you, James, for taking up the torch to find her killer.

I have since moved to Minnesota where they morn 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling, who was taken Sunday, October 22, 1989, just five days before Amy was taken! They have never found his body. (

Although there is apparently no connection between the cases, chills ran down my spine when I read in your blog that Vern Hartenburg was once the director of the Hennepin Regional Park System here in the Twin Cities. Coincidences like that make the world uncomfortably closer.

I look forward to reading your book.