Monday, May 18, 2015

Can You Help Us Solve Amy's Murder?

Amy Mihaljevic was murdered 25 years ago. Since then, police have received thousands of tips and recently a retired FBI agent was assigned to the case. But it has grown cold, again. All that is missing is one last clue, one last piece of the puzzle.

A national news crew is in town, doing a piece on how social media can breathe new life into these old cold cases. Can we kick up a new clue while they're here and national attention is focussed on this mystery?

Can you help us find that last piece?

Here is what we know, so far:

- In 1989, Amy's killer called her when she was home alone, and pretended to be a coworker of her mothers. He asked Amy to meet him at the Bay Village plaza with the promise that he would take her to buy a present for her mother.

- Amy met the man in the plaza on Friday, October 27, 1989. Two classmates saw a well-dressed man whisper into Amy's ear and then lead her around the corner.

- Her body was found 3 months later in an Ashland County wheat field, 50 miles from where she disappeared.

- Several other girls received calls from Amy's killer before her abduction. These girls lived in North Olmsted, south of Bay Village.

- Fibers found on Amy's body trace back to a brown Pontiac.

- Her killer may have kept a number of items that were never recovered. Turquoise horse-head earrings; a Buick "Best in Class" binder; her backpack; her boots.

Here is a list of people who were questioned by law enforcement or considered persons of interest at one time or another.

Can you find that one missing clue? A new theory? A new connection we've never noticed before?