Saturday, September 22, 2012

What Happened at the Tradin' Times

I always assumed the Tradin' Times and its employees were of particular interest to the investigators in the weeks after Amy went missing. After all, the man on the phone told Amy that he worked with her mother. That was probably a lie like everything else. Still they had to check Amy's mother's coworkers closely. However, I've never had much luck tracking down the people who worked there in 1989.

Luckily, after a recent post I was contacted by a woman who worked there with Margaret Mihaljevic and she was able to remember the names of just about everyone else there.

Turns out the FBI and police were VERY interested (for a bit) in two male employees of the Tradin Times.

One was a man who's stepfather was into racketeering and was well-known to the FBI. Figuring he may be a bad apple, too, they brought him in for questioning and even took his picture.

The other man, whom I'll simply call "W" looked a lot like the composite sketch of Amy's abductor. There were a couple other red flags. He sold a car around the day Amy disappeared. He had a reputation around the office for being a little crass when talking about women. And when they asked him if he'd ever met Amy he said "no" even though detectives already knew that he'd recently met Amy at a company bar-b-que. Margaret remembered that he'd commented that she had attractive kids.

I spoke to both men this week and neither strike me as dangerous. Though it's worth noting that W. was very interested to know what sort of evidence the police have and what I knew about that.