Thursday, January 05, 2012


Does anyone know of a "Mr. G." who taught at St. Angela's in Fairview Park back in 1989?

If so, drop me a line at


Jessica said...

Heya James, Did you check to see if maybe there is an Alumni Group for that school on FB???
Jessica Shelton

Anonymous said...

I know Mr G. Went to St Angelas durring that time. I would have been 11-12 years old.

Anonymous said...

Would that be the late principle Mr.Vince Gillispie?
He made news for being an accused child molester
and was found dead at his Kitchen table, nude,face
down in plate of food surrounded by porn--if
I remember the report correctly

Gillispie came to the school highly recommended for his ability to teach math. He was hired by Sr. Mary Alice the former principle to take her job. He was small extremely
feminat man who suddenly got a blond perm one year that got peoples attention

His hair used to be parted on the side and he had
glasses like the suspects. He dressed very preppy

He was accused of molesting a boy in a large closet
in his office.