Thursday, January 19, 2012

Did Amy's Killer Leave Another Victim Behind?

There's a woman, I'll call her Mrs. J. She was another girl who received strange phone calls from a man shortly before Amy was abducted. She was from Sheffield Lake. And her family boarded horses at Holly Hill Farm, where Amy took riding lessons.

In 1983, Mrs. J was a young teen. One day, while walking through a park in Sheffield Lake, she was snatched by a man and taken a short distance to a location where she was raped. During the assault, the man repeatedly called her "Maggie" and when she tried to correct him, he got angrier. She thought he meant to kill her, but seemed to change his mind and eventually let her go.

Mrs. J's assault is still unsolved. But Sheffield Lake (and hopefully Bay Village PD) may be taking another look at the case, soon. You see, Mrs. J. is hoping to get a liver transplant. She suffers from Hep C. She believes her attacker gave her this disease. If one of the top suspects in Amy's murder has Hep C, he might be worth taking a closer look at.


Anonymous said...

So are you saying, the same man attacked her in 1983 and then started calling her 5 years later? What about those 5 years inbetween?

Anonymous said...

I agree, anonymous 1/24. Something didn't translate very well here.

Anonymous said...

"received strange phone calls from a man shortly before Amy was abducted" does not mean that there couldn't also have been phone calls well before 1989.

Anonymous said...

Runkle had some kind of illness. I don't know what it was. Something that caused him to lose alot of wt.He used to run down my road and I remember remarking on the wt loss and wondering what it was.