Thursday, October 20, 2011

The 22nd Anniversary Approaches

Paul Kiska over at Channel 5 has become very interested in Amy's case in recent months. I've seen him a couple times at hearings for Frank Dienes and have spoken to him, at length, about the story. He's not another reporter looking for a quick sweeps week piece. I get the feeling, like Spaetzel, like myself, like a number of FBI agents, he's caught the bug that leads people to devote a lot of time trying to find out just what the hell happened to Amy Mihaljevic.

When you get a chance, check out his long news piece that aired on Channel 5 last night. Lt. Det. Mark Spaetzel finally opened up a little and admitted to frustration in the investigation, saying:

Thousands and thousands of interviews with numerous people of interest, and we don't feel like we're any closer than we were before.

He also officially shot down Dienes' attorney's bullshit line about Frank Dienes being cleared as a suspect in the case.

Bay Village police said Dienes is still one of several suspects and police want to talk with him again about Amy.

I watched the video with a sense of sadness. To tell the truth, I'm just burned out emotionally with this case. Equally unnerving is being faced with the realization of how much time everyone has given to finding justice for Amy. Spaetzel is noticeably older than when I first met him in early 2005. Likewise, my temples have grayed and I've gained 40 pounds. Not the kid I was when I started looking for her killer.

I don't want this mystery to outlive us.


Anonymous said...

Wow just finished reading your book,,totally engrossed as many before no doubt ,,how tragic for amys family that no one has been brought to trial for this crime an how terribly frustrating for the investigators and yourself to have so many suspects and so many dead ends,,,it's like a conspiracy surrounds amys abduction and murder..well done for keeping the case on the burner and amys memory alive I look forward to the solving of the Crime I thought I had solved it on numerous occasions whilst reading and researching on the web...lynne

geneva said...

They are no closer to finding the killer because he died years ago.

Le Wagon said...

Just going back over the blog James -

"I don't want this mystery to outlive us."

It won't, steady ahead.