Tuesday, May 17, 2011

FBI interested in blue vans in 1995.

Seems the FBI and Bay Village police were actively searching some leads in the Amy Mihaljevic case, in 1995. That was the year Frank Dienes was first questioned about the abduction.

This morning, I was contacted by a woman who, like Amy, received strange phone calls, in 1989. She says the FBI came by her home in 1995 and collected paint scrapings from her father' van. At the time, they said they were taking it to possibly match against material in Amy's case.

If the FBI were interested in blue vans, did they take paint scrapings from Dienes' blue van, too?


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. In Bay we were taught to fear white vans, as they were "kidnapper vans."

Anonymous said...

Weird that you say that because I think that way about white vans too...hope this guy never had a white van.

In 1992 I stayed over at my cousin's house in Walton Hills for the night. It was a warm summer day and we decided to walk to the Walton Hills Lake Club. I was 16 and she was 13. When we were coming home, as we were walking onto Rotary Drive there was a white van idling there. It's not a place a car would usually be idling. I thought maybe it was a city van, but I thought it was weird that there were no markings on it. As we passed by it began driving very slowly behind us, when we weren't in the street and it could have easily passed us. I told my cousin we should get off the roadway and cut through people's backyards to get home. As we darted between yards I could still see the van keeping up with us. Finally we got to her house and got inside and locked all the doors and called my aunt. I looked out the window and the van was stopped outside the house. I could see what looked like two men in the van. Just as I was telling my aunt what was going on, the van drove quickly away. Ever since then, I don't like white vans.