Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tradin Times

I'm still lacking info on Tradin' Times, the place Margaret, Amy's mother, worked at the time of the abduction. Anyone out there know someone who worked with her? Or worked for Tradin' Times in the late eighties?


Anonymous said...

James, I have recently found your blog and I have to say I remember as a high school senior in NW Ohio seeing this story on the news. I grew up on a small farm about 45 minutes south of Toledo. In the last 12 years I have moved to the Medina, Oh area and have met a family from the New London area though I have never spoke to them about this case. One thing in your blog that kind of jumps out at me was the mention that Amy was found in a field with "stubble". If I remember that growing season as well as I think I do the winter of 89-90 was filled with heavy snow and very cold temps. The harvest was marred by heavy rains and most if not all farmers had to wait until a heavy freeze to take off thier crops, especially corn and late soy beans. I know that we had crops out going into February after the "January Thaw" and a quick heavy freeze. In one blog comment a woman recalls a man coming out of a corn field and tried to take her sister on the day Amy's body was dumped. That kind of supports my memories of that growing season. I say all of that to ask a question. Did anyone look into the property in which Amy's body was found. If the killer lived in that area he may have had some kind of association with the land owner especially in such a small agricultural community. I do a lot of investigative work where I am employed (just not on such a large scale) and that is somewhere I would look.

Leadfoot said...

VB -
That is a great suggestion!

James -
I'm going to the Florida keys for Christmas this year. Do you need anyone to drop in to pay a visit to our #1 suspect? I'm game! And I do love Wendy's. :)

James Renner said...

Yes, please. But don't do anything illegal. Take a camera, too.

Wagsock said...


I just finished your book about Amy - it was a great read and really shows that you want this solved for poor Amy's sake, not your own notoriety. I have a suggestion that may seem a bit "out there" but have you ever considered contacting Lisa Williams? If you don't already know, she is an incredible psychic with a television show on the Oxygen Network. If nothing else, she may be able to narrow the search by counting certain suspects out. I really do think it would be worth your while and I also think she'd be very willing to help.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway dienes contacted the trading times for information on placing an add for the flooring business and obtained contact with amys mom stumbling across amy that way????