Wednesday, November 03, 2010

All Records Have Been Released!

Just got off the phone with Lt. Mark Spaetzel and have received an email from Catherine Timko, at the Nature Center. Here's the gist:

Within the last year, "voluminous" records from the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center archives have been turned over to the Bay Village Police, including a large scrapbook. Additionally, Spaetzel confirms he has been back to the Nature Center for follow-up searches and claims every part of their archives has now been searched. (If anyone knows this to not be true, please let Spaetzel know). He is still reviewing the documents for any connection to Amy's case.

No logbook has been found.

The logbook and copies have either been destroyed (most likely, after all these years), moved, or long-ago misplaced by LENSC.

My journalistic spidey sense still tingles at their vehement denial of an independent search. However, Spaetzel was very earnest in his belief that everything of value has been searched. And we have to give them the benefit of doubt, I think.

So, there's no reason I see to move forward with this demonstration.

Thanks for the interest and support, but let's bottle that energy for something in the future.

In the meantime, please ask Catherine Timko to move Amy's plaque to the main lobby or museum, where it belongs:

P.S. The reward still stands, of course.


Anonymous said...

They're just looking to stop the protest. Don't listen. It's how it's done in Bay Village...

Anonymous said...

Nice work, James.......keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to think better but my feelings are more with what Anonymous #1 said. They couldn't have disclosed earlier to you that they have given LE records within this past year when you've been on them to release the logbook?

I saw the list posted here of 2007 donors. Where are all the other memorial plaques displayed? Is Amy's the only one tucked away and what do you think the reason could be?

Anonymous said...

James - the police merely confirmed what everyone at the center has been telling you for the past 6 years and am glad you chose to finally believe it this time. We all want to believe that the magic bullet is sitting in the basement there, but it just isnt. Keep on pushing all the angles...