Wednesday, October 27, 2010

21 Years

I'm sitting here at Java Bay, the coffee shop in Bay Square, watching a group of contractors restore the doric column that Amy was twirling around the day she was abducted, 21 years ago this afternoon.

I still believe this case will be solved. I don't know why. Just a feeling.

Of the myriad new details we've learned about this case over the last couple years, I think the most important bit is knowing now--at least with 99% certainty--where Amy's killer parked that day. Rick Burns, who runs the auto shop on the corner of Dover Center and Wolf came forward a while ago and said he distinctly remembers a gold-colored Pontiac parked at his shop that day, in the space closest to the plaza. A Cuyahoga County judge came forward last year, backing up this claim. It explains why nobody saw Amy get into a car--her killer led her around the corner, away from the main parking lot, in an attempt to limit witnesses.

It says something about the mindset of her killer.

Besides being a coward, this man was calculating. Smart, but able to relate well with children. Able to earn their trust. Able to speak their juvenile language.

In a related note, I left a message on Dean Runkle's cell phone today, as I do every October 27.


Anonymous said...

Keep calling James, and keep up all the hard work you've been doing. I want to see this case solved also.

blog82 said...

is it possible that noone really noticed Amy getting picked up because she actually left the square entirely, maybe walked back toward the school to meet the person and then was picked up on another side street?

Leadfoot said...

I love that you posted his number! Too bad I am terrified to actually call it. I think hearing the voice of a killer on the other end would freak me out beyond belief. Keep up the great work, James. Some day it will pay off!

Anonymous said...

james you should check out Terry Kline he 's on Ashland county sexual preditor list. He lives on a farm on 224 just around the corner from where they found Amy's body.And he looks alot like Dean Runkle when he was younger. Also in your book you mention a Kline kid being with Amy when she was taken.Also take a look at John Meade he worked for a man in New London , his name was varney or Barney and they were always going to Bay Village.I Believe he might be Robin Meade brother or cousin.Also the Kline's nephew and Karen Emery nephew are good friends they wrestled together. at Ashland College

Pennsylvanian said...

Wow! I looked at the sexual predator website of Ashland Cty. and when I saw Kline's photo, I thought he looked just like that actor who portrays the crazy psycho in Silence Of The Lambs!!! It gave me chills!