Wednesday, October 27, 2010

21 Years

I'm sitting here at Java Bay, the coffee shop in Bay Square, watching a group of contractors restore the doric column that Amy was twirling around the day she was abducted, 21 years ago this afternoon.

I still believe this case will be solved. I don't know why. Just a feeling.

Of the myriad new details we've learned about this case over the last couple years, I think the most important bit is knowing now--at least with 99% certainty--where Amy's killer parked that day. Rick Burns, who runs the auto shop on the corner of Dover Center and Wolf came forward a while ago and said he distinctly remembers a gold-colored Pontiac parked at his shop that day, in the space closest to the plaza. A Cuyahoga County judge came forward last year, backing up this claim. It explains why nobody saw Amy get into a car--her killer led her around the corner, away from the main parking lot, in an attempt to limit witnesses.

It says something about the mindset of her killer.

Besides being a coward, this man was calculating. Smart, but able to relate well with children. Able to earn their trust. Able to speak their juvenile language.

In a related note, I left a message on Dean Runkle's cell phone today, as I do every October 27.