Friday, March 19, 2010

Tina Harmon documents reveal Amy Mihaljevic info

Spent the morning reviewing documents in Wayne County related to the recent closing of the Tina Harmon murder down there (in case you haven't heard, DNA tests revealed conclusively last week that Bob Buell raped and murdered the young girl in 1981.)

A couple years ago, I uncovered evidence that suggested Buell's nephew, Ralph Ross Jr., at the very least participated in the cover-up of the murder of Krista Harrison--the murder for which Buell was executed in 2002. I asked local law enforcement agencies to take a close look at Ross in relation to some other crimes that occurred after Buell was locked away in prison.

In a memo inside the Harmon file, it was revealed that an FBI agent procured cigarettes butts believed to have been discarded by Ross for possible DNA testing and comparison.

That revelation is followed by the paragraph:

"Lt. Spaetzel plans to make contact with [FBI agent] and request the cigarette butts be sent to FBI Forensic Lab for further DNA testing. He indicates they have DNA evidence in that case. He also informed us that based upon the circumstances involved in their case, it appears that whoever was involved knew the Mihaljevic family or Amy; therefore, it would be unlikely that Ross was involved. He does plan to do addition follow up."

There it is. They have some DNA associated with the Mihaljevic case that can be used for comparison analysis. It also proves Bay Village is still diligently at work in the 20 year old cold case.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. It is nice to know the BVPD is actually still working on this, rather than just the little sound bites they give on the anniversary every year, that give no hope.

Anonymous said...

we just need to solve this.... who ever killed amy needs to just come out!!!

Anonymous said...

That's encouraging. Yet, if they haven't been able to match it yet - wow. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Big article in the Ashland Times this week about the County Coroner retiring within the next few months. His wife goes with him. Maybe then you'll get what you;re looking for.

Anne said...


So if they have viable DNA, not merely the degraded stuff that we were previously led to believe, is there any way to find out if it's been compared to that of the dozen or so men (including "Brad Harvey") who gave DNA samples more than a year ago? Can they now be eliminated as suspects, or has one been identified?

Lt. Spaetzel must be approaching retirement age; what better way for him to leave than to finally make an arrest in the case that's defined his tenure at BVPD.


James Renner said...

I think the danger here is this: just because they have DNA does not necessarily mean it's the killer's. It's DNA of someone who came in contact with her body. It could be the killer's. It could also be the DNA of an accomplice or even a law enforcement official or coroner's assistant who came in contact with Amy's body after it was discovered.