Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who Was the Other Caller?

There's yet another odd fact about this case I haven't revealed since two former investigators told me details about this in 2005. I didn't want to identify them and they assured me it wasn't important. Enough time has gone by now that I feel okay talking about this.

Shortly after Amy's abducted in 1989, the FBI conducted a sting operation on an obscene caller targeting young females in the Bay Village area. An FBI agent posed as a young girl on the telephone and at a meeting location. The man was arrested.

But, apparently, this man had a good alibi for Amy's murder.

Anyone know who this man was? I'd like to talk to him eventually.


Michael Flynn said...

James, I recently became aware of this case after seeing it featured in a National Geographic documentary about the FBI. I am a former police officer and my father is a retired FBI Agent. I was wondering if you have had occasion to speak with Dick Wrenn or any of the active agents at the time of Amy's disappearance about this case.

Anonymous said...

Did this guy have a white van?