Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Article

20 things you should know about Amy's case on the 20th anniversary of her murder, courtesy of The Independent.

Other updates:
-the billboards should be going up within the next week (thanks everyone who chipped in!)
-another reporter is working on a story that will likely stir up some changes in the investigation.


Anne said...

Re: Clue #1

Amy was definitely seen calling her mother by the [nameless] girl witness. There were two pay phones just inside Avellone's Pharmacy, one lower than the other for handicap access. I worked with this girl's grandmother at the time, and she told me immediately after the abduction that her granddaughter had seen Amy talking on the lower pay phone; this man was standing next to her with his hand on her shoulder.

Nicole said...

There is a picture on the page titled "Elephant in the Room." There is a girl in the photo with blue pants and a blue shirt on, does anyone know her name?