Sunday, October 25, 2009

Morning Journal covers 20th Anniversary

Excellent article by up-and-comer Megan Rozsa in the Morning Journal today, including interviews with BV Mayor and Police Chief:

Says Bay Village Police Chief David Wright:
"It's hard to put a number on how many suspects there are. But I'm sure we've already talked to him."
Makes me think that maybe it's time to get a pair of fresh eyes on those old reports, because if that's the case, they've definitely overlooked something important. Other police departments with cold cases have asked detectives from other jurisdictions to look at cases. Might not be a bad idea to partner with someone like Robert Sackett, the guy who handles the Beverly Jarosz case in Garfield Heights, or some of the sharp detectives over at the Cleveland Sex Crimes unit.


Anonymous said...

This is from the comment section under the morning journal article.
Thought you'd like to see it.

Rich wrote on Oct 25, 2009 4:27 AM:
" LIES, thats all this is.
I called the FBI along with Bay Village Police right after the crime to give a lead and the FBI at the time had a phone answering machine. I left a message concerning this and never heard a call back. I believe I called them again and they were going to have someone get back with me. NOTHING, I then called from my Mothers home when I saw the reports at a later time, the cop on duty said he was too busy to talk, took my number and said a detective would call me back, NOTHING!

Several years later Lou Maglio on Fox* Cleveland ran a story and asked if anyone had leads to call the FBI or Bay Village cops, so I did and heard NOTHING BACK!!! I called Lou Maglio and we emailed and spoke several times on the phone, Lou was in shock that they wouldn't call me, even though a two years back they 'thought' they found the person and was moving in on him.

People, the FBI is a JOKE, both myself and another worker knew a man who fit the discription and lives in the area where the girl was found. This case is nothing more than a way for them to justify their jobs and waist our money, they certainly don't turn over 'every' stone!

Don't believe me? Interview Lou Maglio from Fox 8, I believe I still have my emails in conversations with him. I'm also sure the FBI is capable of looking up my phone records to prove I called both them and the Bay Village.

So, if you ever have news on a crime that doesn't involve a political person I doubt if they will even care to call you back. "

Linda Summers said...

WGAR 99.5 mentioned the anniversary on their morning news. Fox 8 news - showed her picture and mentioned the billboards up for her anniversary on their newscast this morning.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mayor Deborah Sutherland and Chief David Wright you can do better than $25,000,try $250,000 and you got your man.How much did you spend looking for him in the twenty years,I guess close to $2,000,000?

Anonymous said...

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