Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Amy cartoon in Plain Dealer today.

Did everyone catch the Amy tribute by editorial cartoonist Jeff Darcy in the Plain Dealer today?

It's a pretty powerful image. And, like the best artists and authors, Darcy's work leave room for some interpretation, at times searching for tone more than specific meaning.

This works for me for a couple reasons. Many of us associate this case with our childhood, as that moment in our life when the fairy tale ended, when adult concerns intruded on childhood dreams. And because, like our friends Linus and Charlie Brown, Amy is someone who will never grow up, someone who will always and forever be a child. It's our innocence that mourns her. Her abduction and murder was as incongruous to our view of the world as a gravestone must be to characters in Peanuts. It's something that shouldn't be.

Anyway, that's my thought. Darcy did a good job capturing the tone.


Anonymous said...

An Angel would have been much better,for Amy was truly an Angel.

Anonymous said...

This cartoon is so sad. Even the tree is crying. To whom it may concern; their are no words for your evil, only tears.

Jeff Darcy said...

Thanks for posting my cartoon and for all the hard work you've done trying to bring justice for Amy.

You're take on my cartoon matches my feelings. I wanted to do my own little part to call attention to her and the anniversary. At first I thought I'd have a young trick or treater dressed as a princess or cowgirl and labeled "innocence" leaving some candy on her stone memorial. But halloween made me think of the Charlie Brown special- and Linus and his security blanket popped into my head. The perfect symbolism of childhood innocence, I thought. I'm hopping it's something Amy would have liked.
Jeff Darcy

Anonymous said...

Wow Jeff! That was great you took the time to help draw attention to the anniversary. Your cartoon literally made the hairs on the back of my neck stick up and gave me goosebumps but at the same time made me smile thinking of Amy with those pigtails. I'm sure Amy is thanking you right now for remembering her. Thank you so much for the cartoon of Amy!

Anonymous said...

jeff thanks for remembering amy and keeping her in the news. giving her his favorie blanket. that cartoon says it all. perfect choice , still believing in the great pumpkin. good message. rick