Monday, March 09, 2009

More Composite Sketches

Here are two rarely-seen composite sketches of the man who may have abducted Amy Mihaljevic.

The first one is a blending of the two most familiar composite sketches that were drawn based on information provided by two eyewitnesses to Amy's abduction.

The second, which shows a man with dark complexion, was based on info from a woman who claimed to have seen this man standing near the site where Amy's body was found.

No one knows how accurate these sketches may prove to be.

Do they look like anyone you know?

*Photos provided by Liz Russ


Anonymous said...

The second sketch looks like Grady Sizemore!

James Renner said...

I'm pretty sure we can rule out Grady Sizemore. And while the first sketch bears a striking resemblance to John Denver, I think he's in the clear as well.

Anonymous said...

The top one instantly reminded me of Kapela, who I remember wearing glasses. The photo a few posts down does not do much justice, especially since his eyes are closed.

Anonymous said...

John Denver!

Okay, seriously, neither look like Runkle. If there is any validity to the second sketch (I've always doubted the woman who claims to have seen someone burying Amy), then it may validate my theory that there are two people involved in this crime; two people who know the identity of The Real Killer. DKK

Anonymous said...

how soon till we hear an update?

Anonymous said...

Hah! Some much needed humor! I thought the first guy looked more like Waldo, from Where's Waldo, perhaps a more relevent reference.

Katie G. said...

James Renner! You are one sexy piece of asssssssssssssss! Are you sure you're really married? Wanna play?