Sunday, February 15, 2009

News Archive for Amy Mihaljevic Case

Turns out there's an archive of most of the news articles written about Amy's case from 1989 to 2008, on the website,

I haven't had a chance to re-read all the articles yet, myself. Let me know if you find any new clues.

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kb79 said...

Hi James, been following for some time now, first time commenting. I just read through the news archives link that you posted and found a couple of things I was curious about, and I'm guessing you would have the answers. First -

Amy's clothing: Here are two direct quotes from these articles which seem to be a contradiction:

“In neighboring Avon Lake, police found the sweat pants Amy was wearing in a wooded area where she frequently went horseback riding”

“On Feb. 9, a jogger found Amy 's body, fully clothed,”

Doesn't seem to make sense to me.... if they really did find the sweatpants she was wearing, how did they find her body fully clothed? What clothes did they find her in, and where did they come from?

Second, from everything I have read it sounded like the man who called Amy and lured her to that shopping center was a stranger, someone she never met, who claimed to work with her mother. But it seems there's also speculation that it may have been someone she knows. This is a direct quote from one of the articles:

"Police continue to believe Amy probably knew her killer and went with him voluntarily to the Bay Square Shopping Center, where she was last seen. How well she knew him is less certain"

Keeping that in mind, here is another direct quote:

"But Amy told her brother, Jason, and her friend, Kristy Balas, about the phone calls"

So, if Amy DID know this person, and she did tell her brother, wouldn't she tell him who the person was? Would she really tell both her brother and friend that she is meeting someone without telling them who that someone is? If she did know him, that is. If she knew him, I'd have to believe she'd refer to him by name when she told them about the phone call. If you don't know the person, you say "some guy who works with mom called me" Or if you do know the person you say,"That guy Joe from church called me" Of the 2 people she told, wasn't one of them able to confirm that Amy had said it was someone she knew, or did not know? This just seems so important since knowing if she did/did not know the killer would really be able to narrow down the suspect list.

Also, regarding the question of did she know him, or did she not, here's another quote from one of the articles:

"The man said he wanted to meet Amy at the shopping center so she could help him pick out a gift to celebrate her mother's promotion at the Tradin' Times. Amy 's mother, Margaret, had recently switched from part-time to full-time status at the newspaper"

Is that just a coincidence? That he made up a random story about an imaginary promotion, yet she had just received somewhat of a promotion? Or did he actually know Amy's mother, and now about her switch to full time? Also, I've always wondered from first reading your blog, how did he actually know that her mother worked? From what I remember, 20 years ago not all moms worked, as they do today. Maybe......... half of all moms worked? So he'd have a 50/50 chance of his story being believable? Would it really be worth it for him to make a phone call and say a story about moms work, if he DIDNT know for sure that she had a job? I'd think not. Too risky, too easy to get caught. Amy would have known something was up immediately if a guy gave her a bogus story about her moms promotion, if her mom didn't even have job at all. So that also makes me think that he did know Amy and/or her family. Not only did he know that she did work, but possibly that she had just been moved to full time.

Sorry for the long comment!!