Monday, November 02, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Amy cartoon in Plain Dealer today.

Did everyone catch the Amy tribute by editorial cartoonist Jeff Darcy in the Plain Dealer today?

It's a pretty powerful image. And, like the best artists and authors, Darcy's work leave room for some interpretation, at times searching for tone more than specific meaning.

This works for me for a couple reasons. Many of us associate this case with our childhood, as that moment in our life when the fairy tale ended, when adult concerns intruded on childhood dreams. And because, like our friends Linus and Charlie Brown, Amy is someone who will never grow up, someone who will always and forever be a child. It's our innocence that mourns her. Her abduction and murder was as incongruous to our view of the world as a gravestone must be to characters in Peanuts. It's something that shouldn't be.

Anyway, that's my thought. Darcy did a good job capturing the tone.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Morning Journal covers 20th Anniversary

Excellent article by up-and-comer Megan Rozsa in the Morning Journal today, including interviews with BV Mayor and Police Chief:

Says Bay Village Police Chief David Wright:
"It's hard to put a number on how many suspects there are. But I'm sure we've already talked to him."
Makes me think that maybe it's time to get a pair of fresh eyes on those old reports, because if that's the case, they've definitely overlooked something important. Other police departments with cold cases have asked detectives from other jurisdictions to look at cases. Might not be a bad idea to partner with someone like Robert Sackett, the guy who handles the Beverly Jarosz case in Garfield Heights, or some of the sharp detectives over at the Cleveland Sex Crimes unit.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Amy updates

An Amy billboard has been spotted near New London on Rt. 60! Look for two more; one on Rt. 224 and one in Amherst.

Still waiting to hear where the two ClearChannel billboards will end up in Cleveland.

These are the "static" billboards, with just Amy, not the digital ones that are in rotation across the state. Still haven't seen the digital billboard start circulating in CLE, yet, either.

Also, this came from "Anne" today: 
"Amy was definitely seen calling her mother by the [nameless] girl witness. There were two pay phones just inside Avellone's Pharmacy, one lower than the other for handicap access. I worked with this girl's grandmother at the time, and she told me immediately after the abduction that her granddaughter had seen Amy talking on the lower pay phone; this man was standing next to her with his hand on her shoulder."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Amy billboard spotted in Cincinnati!

Lamar Advertising is already running Amy's "reward" poster on their digital billboards across the entire state. A friend of mine spotted it in Cinci. Anyone seen it around here?

This should bring in some new tips, hopefully. Fingers crossed.

New Article

20 things you should know about Amy's case on the 20th anniversary of her murder, courtesy of The Independent.

Other updates:
-the billboards should be going up within the next week (thanks everyone who chipped in!)
-another reporter is working on a story that will likely stir up some changes in the investigation.

Friday, October 02, 2009

The Billboard

I love it when a good plan comes together.

Here’s the final design for our billboards. I’m thrilled to report that there will be 5 of these in NE Ohio. And the design will be broadcast on Lamar Advertising’s digital boards throughout the entire state. Thank you to Lamar Advertising and ClearChannel Outdoor for giving us great deals. Thank you to Gray & Co. for donating the design work. Special thanks to everyone who chipped in with donations. We raised $900 in five days. $800 was put into these billboards. $100 was donated to the Nature Center in Amy’s name. We’re no longer accepting donations, but if you feel motivated, please contribute to the Nature Center through their website at

Let’s hope this brings in some new leads and inspires the investigators who will be receiving those tips. I hope this proves to them that we can accomplish more by working together.

Thank you.

P.S. Please continue to get the word out through email and Facebook that we need everyone’s help to persuade the national news outlets to mention Amy’s case this month. Direct them to the contacts in the earlier post.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The 20th Anniversary

With this case, I've always listened to my heart. And, my heart tells me a vigil in not appropriate at this time. This isn't a community waiting for Amy to return. She has. This is a search for her killer. And it just doesn't feel right to mix the two. I don't know what the point would be other than a news clip.

That said, I'm not telling you not to. If some of you feel it's important and want to organize it yourselves, have at it. You can do so over at the Crimerant message board.

I'm going to remember Amy the way I do every year. I'm going to hang out in the plaza until about 3PM and then take a drive down to Ashland. You can find me at the coffee shop or Subway most likely.

In the meantime, I think the best way I can honor her memory is to keep following up on some leads that still remain.

One thing you can do, if you feel so motivated, is send an email to these two people at CleanChannel communications:

Be nice. And then kindly ask them to put some digital billboards up in October to remind people that Amy's killer has still not been found.

Thank you.

Monday, March 09, 2009

More Composite Sketches

Here are two rarely-seen composite sketches of the man who may have abducted Amy Mihaljevic.

The first one is a blending of the two most familiar composite sketches that were drawn based on information provided by two eyewitnesses to Amy's abduction.

The second, which shows a man with dark complexion, was based on info from a woman who claimed to have seen this man standing near the site where Amy's body was found.

No one knows how accurate these sketches may prove to be.

Do they look like anyone you know?

*Photos provided by Liz Russ

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Amy, 1988

Here's another new picture of Amy, taken in the fall of 1988. That's her good friend Kristy Sabo standing next to her. On the other side of Kristy is the same woman from the previous picture--Ruth Diaz. "Aunt Ruth", as Amy and Jason called her, was a close friend of Margaret's, and spent a lot of time at their house, helping Amy cook supper or just playing in the back yard.

I sat down with Ruth last night for about an hour to discuss what she remembers about Amy. She said Amy's mood changed the week she was abducted. Ruth cut Amy's hair that week and remembers Amy asking her to "make me look pretty". She said Amy seemed very very sad that week, very irritable. Something was bothering her but Ruth couldn't get her to talk about it.

When Ruth first heard about Amy's abduction, she always wondered if it had something to do with the father of one of Amy's friends who also lived on Lindford.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fascinating DNA stuff.

Lt. Mark Spaetzel, the lead investigator of Amy's case, has always said that one day new technology might solve her murder. Maybe this is what he was talking about.

Seems scientists are getting close to using DNA to re-create the face of the person who left it behind. Meaning, if they, in fact, have DNA taken from the crime scene, or under Amy's fingernails, one day soon (5 years, 10 years?) we'll be able to see that person's face.

A heads up to the killer: if you don't confess before they have you cold, you're gonna get the death penalty.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

News Archive for Amy Mihaljevic Case

Turns out there's an archive of most of the news articles written about Amy's case from 1989 to 2008, on the website,

I haven't had a chance to re-read all the articles yet, myself. Let me know if you find any new clues.

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Amy Picture

An old friend of the Mihaljevics sent me this picture today. It's from Amy's 7th birthday party. If you look closely, you'll see she's wearing those signature turquoise earrings, three years before her abduction.

If anyone else has pictures they would like to share, I would be more than happy to post them here.