Monday, June 30, 2008

Assault in Bay Village

I'm going to post this because I've gotten a lot of emails about it. No one is saying it's connected to Amy's case in any way, but it's worth sharing in hopes that this guy will be caught.

A teenage girl was assaulted in Bay Village last week, near Normady. The important details are given above.

Anyone with information should contact Detective Kevin Krolkosky at 440-899-3485.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Renner, Would combine all your comment sections into one? Someone might miss reading a comment that would spark something in their memory if they forget to check every comment section.

Denise said...

Hi Mr. Renner,
I read about your Mr. Runkle theory last night for the first time. I have to say that I felt like I'd been punched in the gut. I'm not a member of the "Runkle Fan Club", however this truly does shock me. He was my 7th grade teacher at Sailorway in 1982. He was an awesome teacher who had clever ways of helping you remember the things you would be tested on in his class. Everyone was aware that he was odd and eccentric. My cousin was one of his helpers & never had a bad thing to say about him.

When people mention things like him taking off to live in a homeless shelter as strange, I am
honestly not too surprised. This is a man that alternated two outfits for an entire school year, slept on a cot.....he didn't seem
to hold alot of value in material things. At the end of the school year, he bought the ENTIRE class
chips and pop....not just the boys.

I will say that he did seem to favor the boys. This is where my
major confusion comes into play. And I mean this sincerely. Why would he choose a child that was female? And being the intelligent man that he is, why would he leave
a body close to his family home?

I'm not one stupid enough to say it's impossible. I've been blindsided by things before, but I just think something is missing.

Thanks for listening. I do hope
that whoever did this, whether it's him or not, is brought to justice. No one should have their
life ended with such fear and brutality.


Denise said...

Hi Mr. Remmer,

I read the article naming Dean Runkle for the first time last night. I have to say that I felt like I'd been punched in the gut.
I was a student of his at Sailorway Middle School in 1981, and while I'm not a member of the "Runkle fan club", I did find him to be an encouraging teacher. He could definitely be intimidating, until you understood that he was asking the class to be somewhat disciplined. We were allowed to chew gum at SMS but not in his class.

While everyone knew that he was a bit odd and eccentric, I never found him inappropriate. My cousin (male) was one of his assistants and never had a bad thing to say about him, even when my own mother asked his mother about it. I'm aware that's not a "given". I think most people assumed he was gay and it was accepted. I don't even know if that's true. However, with the letters of sexual nature to his former student, Dan, I assume it is true. So, here's where my confusion lies. Wouldn't it go against his nature to abduct a little girl? If he was going to do a crime of this magnitude, wouldn't he pick someone of his sexual preference? I know it sounds naive, just doesn't make sense to me.

At any rate, I hope the person who did murder this child will be brought to justice & get all they deserve....whether it's Dean Runkle or someone else. I just have a problem with him "snapping" at his age 20 years ago and committing such a horrid crime against a child.

Kudos to you for keeping the case going, though. I hope Dean Runkle's life is not being ruined mistakenly. That would be a horrendous crime in itself.

Thanks for listening,

Anonymous said...

Mr. Runkle was my seventh grade biology teacher at Vermilion Middle School in 1975-76. He was an excellent teacher and interesting character. A self proclaimed addict to Dr. Pepper, Ragtime pianist, and summer employee of Cedar Point Amusement park, a stickler for detail, and full of odd jokes.

My mother recently brought this case to my attention, since I live out of the area. I was shocked at first and then began thinking about those days. What comes to mind is the friendly relationship between Mr. Runkle and Mr.Machinski the seventh grade math teacher. Mr.Machinski was friendly with the girls and latter in his career lost his position for soliciting or involvement with a minor.

I know this is a far cry from evidence, but it wouldn't surprise me if they shared a mutual tastes in young girls.

Anonymous said...

Why is "Mr.Harvey" no longer considered a suspect?