Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Autopsy

Wonders never cease.

I have made nice with Karen Emery, wife of the Ashland County Coroner. I stopped by her office this week to view the complete report on Amy's autopsy and we had a very civil conversation. I'm not expecting a Christmas card, but I think her heart is in the right place. Both of us want to see this case solved. But we're coming at it from opposite ends of the spectrum. Media v. Official, if you will. No hard feelings, I hope.

I said before that I was going to wait until the anniversary of the abduction to talk about the details included in the report. But a couple things changed in the meantime. The first, was that Fox 8 reported on the autopsy in a very interesting news segment. But more important, is the fact that there is so much inaccurate information being bandied about on other blogs about what the report MIGHT contain. So, to clear up those inaccuracies and to get everyone else on the same page, here are the details I've discovered:

-Amy was not murdered in that field.
-Amy's body was most likely placed in that field on County Road 1181 a short time after she was abducted. A day? A week? We don't know. But there were seedlings growing out of her clothes, which implies the body was probably there most of the time we were looking for her. However, the jogger who discovered her body is adamant that it was not there the day before. Science says otherwise. But then why didn't the jogger or anyone else come across it? I don't know.
-The red spot on her underwear that was mentioned on the Fox 8 report was blood. Most likely Amy's.
-Contrary to statements by the retired FBI spokesman, Amy did not have spaghetti for lunch that day. The menu at school offered corn dogs and pizza. This slip-up was unintentional, I'm sure.
-The material in her stomach has never been completely identified. Looks like meat protein of some kind (not necessarily vegetarian) and cheese.
-Material that may contain the killer's DNA was collected at the scene.
-The report by Fox 8 that said no sperm was found referenced a 1989 report that used 1989 technology. Material was collected that may contain the killer's sperm. Using better technology, sperm may have been isolated already or will be in the future.
-Amy's fingernails were broken. Further analysis was handled by the FBI and is not available. It appears she may have injured her nails while fighting back against her attacker.
-Over the years, various law enforcement agencies have sent forensic material to the coroner so that it could be compared against the evidence gathered in this case, to exclude certain suspects.
-There were no satanic, religious, or cult markings found on her body.
-A covering of some sort was found near the body. It may have covered Amy's body (hiding it from the jogger, perhaps) and blown off before the body was found. I'm not going to go into detail about it, so please don't ask. It may be an important clue or it might not. But it is unique.
-I have no interest in publishing pictures other than those that show Amy alive and smiling and enjoying life. I sincerely hope journalists who gain access to the report in the future will do likewise. This report should be treated with the utmost care and respect.

That's basically it. Like I said, more questions than answers for the most part. But I think we can take hope in the fact that so much evidence was gathered from the scene.

I'm more confident than ever that this case will be solved. The killer made mistakes. And he should be very worried.
-James Renner


Anonymous said...

I am not surprised to hear that the body is believed to have been on CR 1181 for longer than a few days prior to her body's discovery. I lived on the road growing up and my mom used to walk past the scene with our dog. She said a couple of times she had to holler for him to come back from that area of the field. It creeps me out to think it could have been my mom that discovered Amy's body. I continue to hope that your research will lead to Amy's killer.

cburrows2 said...

Thank you for bringing Amy back into my thoughts and, through your book, into my home. I pray that your work helps find the monster who did this.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you're keeping the search for Amy's killer alive. Being 28 myself, her abduction & death had a huge effect on me back then. I didn't grow up in Bay, but my suburb was close enough.

Interestingly enough, I read your book last week and then coincidently, I had to go to Bay Village on Friday night for an event at Bay High. I found myself praying for Amy all evening. I watched as children played & ran by so innocently & I couldn't help but think about the monster still at large. It's terrifying.

I know in my heart that Amy's case will be solved. I think that by you bringing her story back into our minds will help.

Anonymous said...

people that have interest in helping to find this killer should just give money for investigation a little bit from every body would help investigators to preform test and help off duty police officers that could donate part of their time or even some retired police officer who be willing to take this case

tracey said...

I also thank you for bringing Amy back into our thoughts. I'm not sure she ever left. I know James will find her killer. The passion you show in your book(that just jumped off the shelf to me at our library). Keep up the work with your passion and this monster can not hide much longer dead or alive.

Anonymous said...

Did you tell the police about the carpeting in Brad Harvey's parents' house? or did they look at that before?

Anonymous said...

I remember someone from Greenwich, Ohio was interviewed about this. I wonder if you could take a look at the offenders listed on the escorn site that have been convicted of sexual crimes from this area. There may be an interesting person who may have been interviewed or family was interviewed.

Anonymous said...

a car was spotted near the site amy was dumped the day before the body was found.The officer thought did not make it back in time and the only thing he stated he saw was break lights and by the time he got turned around the car was gone.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Bay and went to Bay Village Middle. I went to school with Amy and I sat next to here in 5th grade. I was one of the last people to see her. She told me all about the guy and how he called here. The police came to my house and asked all kinds of questions. It was a very very sad day that I still reflect on. I am very thankful that this case is still in the limelight and that the killer should be worried. Thank you for all you do and what you are doing.

James Renner said...

Could the person who posted the message above, the person who sat next to Amy, please contact me at I'd like to hear more about this.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

what about the guy they questioned and then he commited suicide? he used to work on center ridge in westlake @ new image

Anonymous said...

everyone here should ask AMW to repeat this story.


Ben Johnson said...

Please keep up the good work. Your book was very informative, I think about Amy every day, I worked with her father Mark at Buick, He was a great guy,I met Her mother Margret once at a Music Studio ,While they were recording a song about Amy, Called Please Remember Amy. I hope some day your book will help solve this sad loss of life. For the sake of both of her parents.

Anonymous said...

It is soo good to see this case is still in peoples hearts. I grew up in Lorain and when this happened I was around the same age as Amy was and being that young til now I feel so strongly to finding this animal and bring this tragedy FOR AMY to justice. I am 36 now amd i've never forgotten about Amy and agree AMW needs to bring this back to light for the people of Northeast Ohio and America. The case of the 3 women in Cleveland is giving me hope that regardless how long it's been that through God there is hope.

dashel winter said...

they have material ( DNA?) of the killer? this is what is eluded to in the article above. so, are they comparing that genetic material to that of suspects?
and what of a certain teacher who is now living in Florida( we all know who Im talking about) they have his DNA? did he willing cooperate w the police and give his fingerprints, DNA, take a polygraph?? has he lawyer-ed up? there is very little information out there in regards to this.
The jogger was adamant the body was not there the previous day. is it possible her body lay elsewhere for a few months( the seeds could have been from another location) and then the body was moved there? or perhaps the easier explanation is that the cover did in fact blow off the body so the jogger could see her. But if she was lying there for 3 months why didnt the cover blow off sooner? thats odd....
the material in her stomach...was it what she had for lunch? a meat protein and cheese sounds like pizza to me. is there any indication the killer gave her something to eat?
Chief of Police Mark Spaetzle say this character( according to the FBI profile) would be disorganized, not being able to stay at one job, etc. this doesn't fit very well to the certain teacher, who has stayed at his teacher post, and according the eye witnesses of the abduction, was nicely dressed. Granted we are not talking in absolutes when it comes to human behavior, but the discrepancy is there...
there is much controversy surrounding this case and I pray its solved soon.

Unknown said...

I had the same question as you Dashel Winter, Were the seedlings growing on Amy's clothig in the same soil and environment her body was found? Also, Mr. Renner, you knew about the bizarre curtain Amy's body was wrapped in, years before Tornsey and LE release a press statement about it. What were your thoughts on the curtain? I do not understand why LE held back on releasing the outrageous curtain being found near Amy. I realize they didn't have the science back then to determine Amy had been wrapped in it.... But at the same time, how many avocado curtains are blowing around cornfields in Grafton Oh? I have looked at the curtain time and again, and tried to come up with different scenarios as to why someone would take the time to make a curtain out of an old 1970s bedspread and Hand sew the tabs on top so it could slide on a pole or rod. One theory I kept coming back to the person was possibly elderly and poor. But in a way that makes no sense. Even a poor
old female person, would have found a better material to fashion a curtain from. And for that matter...could have purchased a curtain at a Good will shop for a few dollars, if they needed one. So a new theory I've thought of is, Did that have a special attachment to the person who took the time to cut it up and HAND sew tabs to it? Not only did they take time to sew the tabs, but also took the time to sew length to the curtain by piecing another portion of that same spread to the curtain. The more I have thought about the curtain or drape, the more I feel the killer made it and Amy wasn't his first victim.