Friday, March 30, 2007

Renewed Interest

In the last couple weeks, I've been deluged by new, significant tips. So many, that I had to reorganize my entire stash of notes and documents this week to make the workload more manageable. Readers have submitted tips on a couple new suspects that are particularly interesting. As always, I've passed along the most promising tips to Bay Village police. As soon as I find a way to talk about these stories without compromising the identities of the new uncharged suspects, I will.

In the meantime, I am researching a new angle. You see, Amy was not the only young girl whose body turned up in the vicinity of Ashland County in the 80's. She was actually the fourth. I'm investigating a possible connection to these girls at the moment and sometime in April, I'll publish a five-part story over the course of an entire week devoted to these other girls. It's the story of a man named Robert Buell, his roommate Ralph Ross Jr., and a new series of abductions currently taking place in southern Ohio.


Amy said...

Mr. Renner, do you have a newsletter or email notification of any new information? Or do I just have to check the site for updates?

CHASITY said...

Do you have any idea when you will be releasing this report. I don't understand why I can not remember anymore bodies being found in Ashland County in the 80's. (obvioulsy it must not have got this much attention?)

Anonymous said...

When can we expect to see your stories of the other female bodies that were found in the Ashland area?

Liz R.

Anonymous said...

I worked for the ashland county sheriff's office, started in 1990. Ashland is not as rural as some think. people are actually moving into a gated community called cinnamon lake near sullivan from the cleveland area because of taxes are cheaper. these people commute daily to cleveland and parts north. there are officers there that know a lot more than they let on. st rt 60,511,58 are all major roads leading from shores of lake erie and cleveland. so i believe that the person might live in the ashland county area and works in cleveland, bay village, lakewood areas