Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ashland Frights

This is why I don't sleep at night.

An anonymous source passed along a packet of pictures to me yesterday of the interior and exterior of an abandoned house that once sat back in the woods on TR 500, near the site where Amy's body was discovered. These pics were taken a couple weeks after Amy was found. By that time, the FBI had already dusted for prints and extracted sections of the walls and floor for forensic testing.

He told me this is where Amy was murdered. And, at first glance, I believed him. But, this is not true. The blood is NOT Amy's. It may actually have been left behind by hunters who gutted a deer in the house, according to law enforcement officials.

Because of the location of the abandoned house, however, I am interested in any further info people may have about this place. Who owned it? Who cleaned deer there, etc.
-James Renner


Anonymous said...

Could this be the party house that everyone talks about?
Why did the FBI have to cut so many pieces out of the walls to test, wouldn't one been enough?If the blood on the walls was from an animal , then why does it go up the stairs? What was up there? A hunter wouldn't clean his kill in a bedroom.I noticed the entrance to the stairs, that is not panneling, it is cut through to the building structure, the rough cut boards.Has anyone else noticed this?

Lisa (LR) said...

I agree I do not think it looks like a hunter cleaning an animal. Don't hunters normally hang a deer from a tree to bleed out before they cut it up? The pattern of blood is odd. The only thing I can think of, is if a deer got inside the home and cut itself on glass and just ran in a panic through out the house, but even then those "runny dots" for a lack of a better term on the wall do not look like that.

However the thought of hunters does bring up a valid reason how someone from lets say Bay Village, would know about the land in Ashland, if they were a hunter and went there to hunt. They would know they could dump a body there.

Lisa (LR)

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure this house was on county road 500, in Ashland county, not 1181

Anonymous said...

you are absolutly right, it was on 500, the Savannah fire dept. was asked to burn it down in 1989, the fall I believe. The only thing still standing is a block garage building. You can't get to this property because a new home is there at the enterance of the old lane that went back to the house. You can still see the garage if you look in that direction from 60, you won't be able to see it at all when the leaves come on the trees.It's rumored that the blood inside the house was O positve, and the deer blood was on the outside of the house where the man that lived there at the time did clean deer and other animals ,as he was a hunter.