Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bay Village Press Release Re:DNA

Here's the official response from Bay Village regarding last week's DNA test:

"The Bay Village Police Department continues to explore all investigative avenues to develop leads in the homicide of Amy Mihaljevic. New technology is available today that was not available 17 years ago when Amy Mihaljevic was abducted and murdered. Likewise, we do not know what technology might be available in the future that could prove beneficial. Therefore we continue to collect, preserve and analyze any and all potential evidence.

"The Bay Village Police Department, with the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, continues to work diligently on this case. Information received from the public will be vitally important to solving this homicide and we appreciate the efforts of those who have helped to publicize this case and those who have provided law enforcement with information."

Here's another new bit of info that leads me to believe this case has busted wide open once again: The Bay Village police department recently requested a summary of information contained in Amy's as-yet-released autopsy report. The request preceeded the DNA testing, so perhaps they found something interesting.

Those who have read the book know that I have tried unsuccessfully to obtain a copy of the autopsy report and coroner's investigative file. But Ashland County coroner William Emery has chosen to ignore Ohio's Sunshine laws, refusing to allow the media access to the file. The only thing I can do at this point is file a writ of mandamus to force Emery to do his job. So, if you know any lawyers looking for a great pro-bono case, have them contact me. In the meantime, I can take a little pleasure in the fact that Emery is an old man and I am very young. Which means I'll be around to write about his "legacy" long after he's gone. At least I get the last word, right?


Anonymous said...


I emailed my stepdad, an attorney in Akron, about the autopsy report situation. I'll let you know what he says. :) I'm so happy for you that this case has gotten so much attention in recent months all because of your book. Thanks for posting constant developments!


Anonymous said...

I knew Ted Lamborgine for about 15-20 years. I knew him only as a man who loved God, read his bible and went to church. Did he have this in his past? It is possible. If so, he will have to pay the penalty here on this earth. But, If he has truly accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour, as I am convinced he did, then upon his death he will spend eternity with God.

F15 said...

Hopefully there will be some of you that know in every human being is the propensity to do much evil. None of us are excempt. It is only by the grace of God that many of us do not carry out some of the deeds we have thought upon in our mind. Search yourself, and you will truly know this to be true. All this to say that none of us should so hate another that it overrides our sense of justice and mercy. If a man is found guilty of breaking the law, punishment is deserved, but likewise, forgiveness must reign in our being lest we become the very society that we do not want to exist.

Anonymous said...

has it not crossed your mind that what ever is in that report is something that only the killer would know and must be kept underwraps till the right person or persons have been caught? That's what it looks like to me,if that is the case then I don't blame the Ashland coroner for trying to keep it that way.

Anonymous said...

Im sure the FBI has a copy of the autopsy. Try the Freedom of Information Act? Also, on the sunshine law, maybe you can convince the Attorney General to step in?

And or file the petition "pro-se" yourself and get the media to cover it when there is a hearing.

Could be that the coronor is keeping secret more then just some information on Amy's remains? Something is not right unless the FBI or other investigators have asked the information not be released! Its not the coronors job to decide what is released or not. Someone has to be pulling the strings.


Anonymous said...

I feel they held something back because it was out of the ordinary of most sex crimes.

Anonymous said...

Did they ever determine if she was sexually assualted? That could answer a few questions about other suspects and beliefs.


Anonymous said...

I understood it to be a sex crime only because,the victim was female and her panties where put on wrong.

Anonymous said...

isn't that part of the autopsy?
If so then no one would no at this point, is that right?

Anonymous said...

According to retired FBI agents, there was no evidence that Amy was raped. However, it appears she was murdered while naked and redressed later. The info inside the autopsy report should answer these questions and provide us with a couple more clues that may make sense to someone who knows the killer. I fully intend to take Mr. Emery to court this year if I cannot access them by other means.
-James Renner

Mike said...

I work in the child sex abuse field. For everyone that doesn't have experience in this line of work, I just wanted to clarify something.

The fact that there was reportedly no medical evidence of a sexual assault, doesn't mean nothing happened. Nine times out of ten, there is no medical evidence of sexual assault. Regardless of the age of the victim. The vast majority of sexual crime convictions are won without medical or physical evidence.

I don't mean to freak anyone out to think that she was sexually assualted, but the lack of medical evidence, or reported medical evidence, doesn't mean nothing happened.

James please keep the world updated on anything, good or bad, that happens with the ongoing investigation.


Anonymous said...

I was at a party from what I remember a couple of months, possibly 3 prior to Amy's abduction. This party was at the Lontor's house just down the street and Amy was there with her best friend Cristine. There was a man there with his family and they had either 2 or 3 small boys with them. I believe they were from the Columbus, Oh area. The man was a friend of Riley's. The man was a little different and struck me as very strange around the children. He actually seemed gay, but I wasn't sure. I have thought about this man over the years. Something just struck me as very odd about this person and something was just off center, not quite right.

James Renner said...

If you have the name of this individual, send me an email. I would also recommend placing a call to the Bay Village police, if you haven't already. Here's the number: 440-871-0773.
-James Renner