Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bay Village Press Release Re:DNA

Here's the official response from Bay Village regarding last week's DNA test:

"The Bay Village Police Department continues to explore all investigative avenues to develop leads in the homicide of Amy Mihaljevic. New technology is available today that was not available 17 years ago when Amy Mihaljevic was abducted and murdered. Likewise, we do not know what technology might be available in the future that could prove beneficial. Therefore we continue to collect, preserve and analyze any and all potential evidence.

"The Bay Village Police Department, with the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, continues to work diligently on this case. Information received from the public will be vitally important to solving this homicide and we appreciate the efforts of those who have helped to publicize this case and those who have provided law enforcement with information."

Here's another new bit of info that leads me to believe this case has busted wide open once again: The Bay Village police department recently requested a summary of information contained in Amy's as-yet-released autopsy report. The request preceeded the DNA testing, so perhaps they found something interesting.

Those who have read the book know that I have tried unsuccessfully to obtain a copy of the autopsy report and coroner's investigative file. But Ashland County coroner William Emery has chosen to ignore Ohio's Sunshine laws, refusing to allow the media access to the file. The only thing I can do at this point is file a writ of mandamus to force Emery to do his job. So, if you know any lawyers looking for a great pro-bono case, have them contact me. In the meantime, I can take a little pleasure in the fact that Emery is an old man and I am very young. Which means I'll be around to write about his "legacy" long after he's gone. At least I get the last word, right?

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bay Village collects DNA

According to 19 Action News reporter Shannon O'Brien (, Bay Village detectives collected a DNA sample from a person of interest in the Amy Mihaljevic case this past week.

An interesting development, for sure. But let's not get too excited. According to Mark Spaetzel, the reason for collecting DNA at this time may simply be to have it available to detectives when new technology is developed in the future that may make it possible to link this man--or others who have also given DNA in the past--to Amy's murder.
Does it mean Bay Village Police actually have the DNA of Amy's murderer to compare it to? Maybe.
Does it mean the case is hot again? Absolutely.
Whoever committed this crime is not resting well this holiday season.
-James Renner