Friday, November 10, 2006

Tips and Conversations

Well, Thursday night's signing at the Borders in Westlake--originally scheduled to last an hour--turned into two hours of new tips of conversations. Here's some interesting snippets of stories told to me by people who dropped by:

** Several readers asked me to investigate a local attorney, who resembles the composite sketch. Early in my research for this book, I was told that about a dozen suspects have been asked to take a lie detector test. They all complied. Everyone, that is, except a local attorney. I'm interested to know if it's the same person readers are concerned about.

** About a year ago, law enforcement officials became extremely interested in whether or not there was a visitor's registry at the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center in 1989--they wanted to know if Amy and the girls from North Olmsted could have signed it and left there address and home phone numbers. These officials, in April 2005, also inquired about North Olmsted soccer and baseball coaches. I have yet to find a link between the Science Center and coaches involved in North Olmsted youth sports, though it would appear a connection does exist.

** Here's an interesting rumor, told to me by a source who was interviewed by investigators. This person said that a piece of paper had been found which contained all the names of the North Olmsted girls (who, like Amy, were contacted by a man claiming to work with their mothers, prior to Amy's abduction in 1989).

** I've also learned of another suicide related to a "person of interest" in the Amy Mihaljevic case. This man lived in Oberlin at the time of the abduction and left for Arizona shortly after Amy's body was discovered. He committed suicide a short time later. Apparently, he had relatives in Sullivan, Ohio, close to where Amy's body was discovered by Janice Seabold.

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A Sullivan-ite said...

I was wondering who the person was that left for arizona after Amys abduction. Anyone know? He had relatives in Sullivan?