Saturday, October 28, 2006


Spent the 17th anniversary of Amy's abduction in Bay Village, meeting with several people and following up on some phone calls while sitting inside Java Bay.

In the afternoon, I spoke to a young woman who may have been stalked by Amy's abductor when she, herself, was a young girl living in Aurora in 1987. For several days, a man called her house after school, when she was home alone. This man told her that her father had just received a promotion at work. The man wanted to take her out so that she could buy a surprise gift for her father. The girl didn't believe it, though, and told her mother about the phone calls.

A short time later, claims this woman, a man appeared at her back door when she was home alone. He said his truck had broken down and asked to use the phone. Again, the girl felt uneasy about this and refused to let him in. The man became angry and attempted to climb in through first-floor windows. When the girl told the man that she had called police, he ran back to his white pickup truck and drove away.
I find this woman to be very credible. For reasons I cannot go into at this time, she has never contacted police or FBI. She has not seen the book, yet, either. Her motivation for calling me was to share her story after hearing the interview on Lanigan & Malone earlier this week. I immediately passed this tip along to Spaetzel, who, I suspect, will be speaking to her soon.
This is an important lead. This woman saw the man who may have abducted Amy Mihaljevic. She has not yet seen the pictures contained in my book, and therefore could view a picture line-up of individuals for the Bay Village police department, and not be considered a "tainted witness". I am currently searching for any link between this woman's family and either a suspect in Amy's disappearance or the Mihaljevic family. She lived next door to horse stables.
I am still searching for a North Olmsted woman who received a similar call two months before Amy's abduction in 1989. Looks like this guy was perfecting his sales pitch before he got to Amy. The question is: were there calls placed to girls AFTER Amy's abduction? If not, why? Did he move onto the internet? Did he move away? Did he die? Did he end up in jail for some other offense? More questions. But it feels like we're getting closer to some answers at the same time.

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